How to Order:

Choose a size/color combination, select an ink (print) color, then type in the name of the design that you want on it. The design must CURRENTLY be shown on the website. Type in the name EXACTLY as it is shown in the title of the design on the Design Collection Page here. THIS IS IMPORTANT For example, "BASEBALL WITH RED STITCHES ICON" and "BASEBALL ICON" are two different designs, both shown on the site currently. You must type in the name of the design exactly as it is shown in the title of the design. Thank you.

Please do not type in the name of a design not currently shown on the Design Collection Page. No custom designs are currently being made.


50% poly, 50% rayon, knit, dyed, cut and sewn, from start to finish in the USA.

Sizing Info:

Keep in mind measurements can vary slightly, as dyes affect fabric in different, unique ways. Use my sizing directives to determine the best size for you.

SizeWidth AcrossArmpit to Bottom Hem
Small: 2-4/615.5"17"
Medium: 6-816.5"17"
Large: 8-1018"17"
XL: 10-12/1418.5"17.5"

Fit note: Slouchy racers are an easy, slouchy fit. Follow my size guidelines for ordering, do not order a size up in this style.