How to Order

Ordering from The FD Lounge is easy as 1 2 3. Just choose a design, choose a shirt style, and then put them together to create your perfect top!

Visit our Design Collections page to see all of the currently available designs you can have screenprinted on your shirt. Regardless of the shirt style it is shown on, you can have any of our designs on any of our shirt styles. Have a pen and paper handy so you can make notes of the titles of the designs you want to order as it’s important to let us know EXACTLY which one you want!

This is the heart of The FD Lounge. Here is where you’ll find all of our current shirt styles. As we mention at least a hundred times on the site (because we think it’s awesome), we design and manufacture all of our garments right here in the United States, just for us. They are our dream shirts and they are not available anywhere else… because we create them exclusively for FD Lounge.

The Shirt Style page is where you actually place your order, so once you’ve found the Shirt Style you want, select the color and size of the shirt, and then choose the print color you want the design printed in. Lastly, type in the name of the design from the Design Collections page that you want on your shirt. Make sure to type in the name of the design EXACTLY as it appears. It’s that easy! Want your shirt just as it is with no design on it? No problem! just type in “no design” in the designated box.