Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wholesale?
FD is not available for wholesale, it is sold only directly through the FD website, the FD Etsy shop, and the FD workshop in Old Town Scottsdale.

I saw your pics on another website, but thought you only sold through your own sites?
Unfortunately there are several unethical companies who steal my photos and try to pass my garments off as items they sell.  Be advised, I design and manufacture all of my garments from the ground up.  I have the material knit, dyed, cut and sewn to my specifications for my garments, they are exclusive to FD and only FD, as I create them.  Any company using my photos to sell goods will not be sending you what you see in the photo, it will be a cheap knockoff.

Do you have a retail store?
I do not have a retail store, but do have a working studio which can be visited by client referral. Learn more by clicking here.

Do your clothes run true to size?
“True to size” isn’t actually a thing.  There is no universal measurements for any size, and anyone who answers that question with a simple “yes” is just trying to get you to buy something quickly.  Because so much labor goes into every piece I make, I care a great deal about you getting the right fit, and therefore provide several different tools throughout the website to get your best fit.  For each garment style I make I provide a color/size chart.  The fit shown on my models is the intended fit of that garment, and the sizing recommendations shown for that garment will give you the intended fit that is shown.  For the most part, for my sized garments, a size small is for 0-4, size medium is for 6-8,  size large is for 8-10, and size xl is for 10-12/14.  There are a few styles that I only make in S-L and those size/color charts will show you that.   There are also a few styles I only make in one size, and a few with unconventional sizing (my tshirt tube would fall into this category).  For each style you are looking at just consult the accompanying size/color chart for sizing for that style, and read the item descriptions in case I give you any helpful sizing tips- whether or not you can size up in that style, etc.  The tools are all there for you, please use them and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions if you can’t find the answer anywhere.

Why don’t you make plus sizes?
The answer to this is simply because they don’t sell.  I know this is a pretty website and makes it look like FD is a big-time operation, but the truth is FD is a completely self-funded business that started out with $200 on a kitchen table.  I do all of my manufacturing in the United States because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s the ethical thing to do, it helps me to sleep at night knowing that every worker who touched my fabric on it’s journey to becoming a garment was paid fairly and had ethical working conditions.  With ethical manufacturing comes a very hefty pricetag, that I pay out of my pockets.  I simply cannot afford to make additional sized garments that do not sell well.   Obviously plus-sized clothing sells well in general, in the world, but in the almost decade I’ve been doing this, XL’s do not even consistently sell well for FD, which prohibits me from making sizes larger than that.  Hopefully some day that will change and it will become prudent for me to make additional sizes.

The color/size chart for the style I want shows a color that isn’t listed in the drop down selection box when I’m trying to order it.  What’s up with that?
If a size/color is sold out in a style it will not be listed in the choices in the selection area.  Only garments available to you immediately are able to be ordered- I don’t take pre-orders for sold out garments because manufacturing is a very very tricky process- sometimes a 2 month turnaround turns into a 5 month turnaround on the manufacturing end, and I’m not comfortable holding onto your money for that long.

Can you overnight my shirt/How long will it take to get here?
No, due to the handmade nature/labor involved in creating every garment ordered, and due to a very precise workflow, I can never have a shirt delivered the next day after you order it.  FD is hands-on, hand printed to your order specifications.  Once you place your order, your garment is made according to your specifications, there are zero ready-made garments at the FD shop.  Everything is made just for you.  That takes a few days on my end, and then there is also delivery time.  I ship everything USPS, either trackable First-Class Mail with delivery confirmation, or trackable Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, depending on the weight of the package.  I do all shipping for the day at the end of the day, and can’t leave my shop in the middle of a workday to specially send a package another method or through another carrier.  Under normal conditions you can expect to receive your order 4-7 days after you order it, within the United States.  I can’t ever deliver a guarantee date, but I have shipped well over 100,000 packages, and almost all of them have fallen into that 4-7 day time frame.

Where does the name Firedaughter come from?
When I was pregnant with our first child, a daughter, I was obsessed with finding her clothes that showed her pride at being the daughter of a firefighter (my husband).  What I found was that they didn’t exist.  Everything firefighter-themed was for boys.  The most I could find was like a boxy pink cheapo tee that said something lame on it.  So that’s why I started FD, and I never had any intention of making anything other than clothing for firefighter daughters (or Firedaughters, which was the word I made up, which I still think is genius:).  Obviously my little brand evolved and it’s been so long since that was the focus that I actually don’t even really remember it.  But the name stuck, and although it’s kind of a weird name, it would be even more weird to change it at this point.  Too many women who are beautifully FD through and through.

Do you do anything custom other than the custom stuff you show on your website?
The FD brand consists of its own garments, it’s own designs, and a selection of designs that are customizable.  It is not a custom tshirt business, the only custom done is limited to the custom framework designs within the Custom part of the shop.

What are the washing instructions for your clothes?
All garments are machine wash cold water inside out, gentle cycle.  To dry, either lay flat to dry or tumble dry low.  Shrinkage is minimal on all garments, but if you want absolutely no shrinkage always lay flat to dry.  All designs are professionally silk-screened using environmentally friendly professional products.  All designs are there for life!

Why do you suck so bad at social media?
Haha okay most of the time this question is phrased differently, usually it’s just my clients sweetly checking in on me if I haven’t been on social media for a few months.  The truth is, social media is just not my jam.  I know it’s the place to be, but as a working mother who runs a very busy business that is basically manual labor, and as a woman who also likes to work out every day, and as a woman who wants to be with her husband and kids without her phone in her hand, social media is the area of life I can’t give my time to.  It also doesn’t make sense for me to hire someone to do my social media, because no one can answer questions but me, since no one else designs and makes all of the garments.  So please, if you have a question for me, just come to the website instead of to one of the social media pages for a really speedy, thorough answer/communication.  I always am here to help you, even if you don’t see me for a while on FB and IG. (Both are under Firedaughter Clothing)