About Firedaughter

Firedaughter Clothing is happy, comfortable, flattering loungewear, ethically designed and made in the USA, by designer/owner Samya Cochran, of Scottsdale Arizona. FD started humbly on a kitchen table in 2006, one year after the birth of her first child. It stayed on the kitchen table until March 2012, when her youngest child went off to kindergarten, and the once very small business had overtaken the entire house. Once a clothing line that was just her designs silk screened onto apparel blanks, FD has grown and evolved to a lifestyle brand with its own very unique garments, all designed based on the clothing Samya longs for when she opens her armoire in the morning.

The question I ask myself, is: “If I could put on any garment right now, what would it be?” And then I go and design that garment, and bring it to life.
— Samya

At the end of the day, FD is clothing for grateful women. It’s a privilege to have a lifestyle where being comfortable and feeling pretty is even a consideration, and Samya is so grateful to be able to ethically make clothing, and keep it affordable, for the tens of thousands of amazing women she’s designed for over the years.

Welcome to FD!

Samya with her daughter Autumn, who inspired her company.